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No matter what your day looks like, life feels a whole lot lighter when the sun is shining. ​

And what’s good for you is also good for Solei. Our 100% sungrown cannabis uses the same rays that brighten your life to harvest the bud that fills your bowl. ​

A little sun goes a long way. And thanks to Solei, you don’t have to look to the sky to find it.

Always Sunny.

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RIFF is a creatively crafted cannabis brand that loves a joint effort.

We strive to elevate the standard for cannabis in Canada. Highly curated, expertly made. This is our commitment to our community.

All of our strains and product formats are carefully curated, because we believe that if it’s not grown, crafted and expertly made — it’s not worth being on the shelf.

We love a joint effort.

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Good Supply


At Good Supply, we celebrate good pizza, good movies, good jobs and good weed. Because at the end of the day, we’re not all gonna be the next G.O.A.T. Which is great. No, it’s better than great – it’s good! And that’s just the way we like it.

Good is the new great.

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Chowie Wowie

Take a ray of sunshine. Add colour, joy and a double-shot of pick-me-up and you’re halfway to Chowie Wowie. We think edibles should be fun, safe, tasty and consistent. And most important of all, enjoyed with friends.

Bring the wow.

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Pride in diversity and potency.

We’re all about elevated adventures. The ones where you’re enjoying the journey, not just the destination.

These uplifting experiences are what drives us to be Canada’s most trusted cannabis brand. Specifically by showcasing the integrity we bring to the Canadian cannabis landscape.

And we’re passionate about crafting cannabis that’s consistent, reliable and full of character — just like the people we serve.

For the love of the leaf.

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Oakum Cannabis

Oakum is a Craft Producer located in Kelowna BC. Oakum grows cannabis in Hydroponic Rotational Gardens. This enables Oakum to control all aspects of the growing process. They harvest every 3-4 weeks and do not need to irradiate. Oakum is a small, privately owned company specializing in unique, high THC strains.

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