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Tokyo Smoke

Tokyo Smoke has been changing the public perception of cannabis since the brand’s inception through well-designed products and immersive retail. They’ve come a long way, always with the core belief that intentional cannabis usage can better people’s lives. Tokyo Smoke empowers consumers to make well-informed decisions about safe, high quality products.

Tokyo Smoke’s varietal collection is here to activate your intent. They believe that responsible cannabis is a tool that can turn your good intention into better actions to live your best life. Whether you need to relax, recharge or re-invent, they’ve got you.

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Pistol & Paris

The Pistol and Paris brand is all about high-end gassy gooey cannabis from specialized small gardens versus commercial size grows. With legacy roots, they hunt for the right product from growers that have experience with the plant. Their team personally inspects every lot, traveling throughout B.C. to find top craft quality to put into the Pistol and Paris brand, consumers can rest assured the quality will be what they remember and expect.

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Kin Slips

Kin Slips’ mission is to inspire trust in the science and benefits of this amazing plant. They encourage this growth through meaningful conversations and education at the community level.

Their goal here is to arm you with the best information available and help clarify why they believe that sublinguals simply work better.

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Floresense is rooted in artful extraction; known for its unmatched purity, high-dosage, and passion for highlighting the natural features of the cannabis plant. Every product is crafted to enhance the modern human experience, and provide an almost impossibly perfect sensation with each use.

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